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Nostromo was formed in 1996 in Geneva, French-speaking Switzerland. The band's name is inspired by Nostromo, a ship from the Alien film series. For Jérome, "The idea is that it represents something dark, distant, crappy, in which it happens full of ugly stuff, so it is estimated that it is quite visual to match the group name. In the early days, Nostromo scoured the cellars of the Geneva squats, publishing a first single in the framework of the 7 "Club of the Post Tenebras Rock Association (PTR), resident of the Usine.

Close to bands such as Fragment, Prejudice and Knut, with whom he regularly shares the bill, Nostromo released his first studio album, Argue, in 1998 on the Snuff Records label created by members of Knut (currently deceased). Taverne left the group in 1998 to join Knut. He is replaced by Lad. The dates follow one another, Nostromo getting closer to the label Overcome Records, based in Rennes, France. The opportunity to perform at the Superbowl of Hardcore '99 with formations like Napalm Death, Turmoil, Converge and Ananda. EP Eyesore, published on the French label Mosh Bart Industries (later renamed Bisect Bleep) still sustains the reputation of Nostromo. But it is the complex and technical album Ecce Lex, recorded in Sweden with Mieszko Talarczyk of the band Nasum, which will give an extra dimension to Nostromo, become a reference of extrem metal and grindcore.

The band split in 2005. The guitarist Jérôme will play in the group Mumakil, Javier officiates in the group Elizabeth, Lad will become DJ / producer of electronic music, and Maik will play in Ostap Bender. Nostromo is reforming in 2016, after eleven years of absence, to accompany Gojira on tour.

In 2017, the concerts follow one another for Nostromo, follow the news of the group on Facebook.

In 2018, EP Uraeus appeared in digital version on March 9, including 1 unpublished title and 1 cover of Nasum : Corrosion.

(update on June 21, 2018)

Nostromo Line-up :

Lad Agabekov (bass),

Javier Varela (vocal),

Jérôme Pellegrini (guitare),

Maxime Hänsenberger (drums)

Pict. ©Geoffroy baud (2018)

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